The Performance Technology Plus Connection is a new increased torque connection with exceptional torsion and fatigue properties designed to outperform and outlast the competition. This Connection is engineered and manufactured for maximum performance, providing strength and power without the premium cost. The increased critical cross-sectional areas and the shoulder contact areas create a unique design that increases the mechanical properties of the connection over the competition. The PTECH+ Connection also takes advantage of the 135ksi specified material yield strength (SMYS) to further increase the performance of the connection design.



Redneck’s prices are market-competitive with flat-rate monthly invoices that are straightforward and easy to read. Redneck Pipe Rental makes, rents, and fixes every pipe and is fully committed to providing support throughout the full life of any pipe ordered. In addition, Redneck is the only pipe rental company to offer depreciation on the replacement of a pipe after 18 months.



Redneck is based on the foundation of quality and service. Redneck promises to track all pipes from the inspection of each joint, to fixing any issues along the way. Encouraging customers to get the most out of pipes is Redneck’s number one priority; when pipes are repaired a ground-breaking 5/8 inch cut is used, over half the size of competitors’ cuts.